Angel City Gallery

Some of the art currently showing at The Gallery inside Angel City Books & Records

(for Iannis Xenakis)

Arte Cifra
(for Wolfgang Rihm)

For Morton Feldman
(esse est percipi)

Artist's Statement
I love to walk in the forest, making my own path, and look at the shapes of rocks and things made by nature and the effects of time, sun, and rain. I will also make a path through the city, in its back alleys, to see other shapes and things made by
man, time, and decay.

For John Cage

The Tribe

Polyphonie X
(for Pierre Boulez)

All these shapes and things appear to be just right: the worn-out and discarded tools and toys of people living today; yesterday. These things have been altered by rust, ruin, and disregard, and reveal no trace of their original design or function. They have finally become a thing of their own, with no practical purpose except to
gaze upon, wonder, accept.



Love Came Home
In the forest, the rocks and bits and pieces of unknown things also have a story to tell.
An archaeologist digs to discover a broken piece of pottery, a bit of bone, and from these fragments guesses what entire civilizations may have been like. My paintings are often built of such shapes and things: fragments, a bit of bone, an image we know
or think we know.

(for Karlheinz Stockhausen)

Isis, her skirt raised

Gejagte Form
(for Wolfgang Rihm)

Working this way, I can with my eyes, walk about in my paintings and make a path, finding things that appear to just right. I know I have a painting when I can stand back and say, "I found a stone, turned it over and found this." Artistically, it is a desire to paint a truly organic shape, or line; an image that appears found rather than made. Technically, the process begins with a gesture; then another and another; responses, answers, questions; digging and sifting; finding a shape, seeing and guessing what its life may have been like.

Anna Screams of Jebus (no.4)



This process of continually turning over and sifting through the shapes and fragments with my brush and paint is like nature, with the sun, rain, and time on my palette. In this way my work is built, grown in an organic manner, containing history, future, and a present we know, or think we know.

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