Angel City Books & Records Santa Monica’s last indie Bookstore & Record Store, now in our 24th year! Located at 218 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 399-8767. Open 7 Days a week, 11:30am to 5pm.

Note: Currently NOT BUYING ANY BOOKS or RECORDS or Accepting Any Donations.

Looking to buy Classic Rock and Jazz Vinyl Record Albums like Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Black Sabbath, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, Metallica, Neil Young, AC/DC, Miles Davis, John Coltrane. Call us FIRST and tell us what you have!

Looking to buy Classic Literature, Poetry and Philosophy Books (paperback and hardcover) like: Hemingway, Steinbeck, Dostoevsky, Camus, Kafka, James Joyce, Ray Bradbury, Raymond Chandler, Agatha Christie and newer top literary authors like Kurt Vonnegut, Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, Joan Didion, Murakami; Nietzsche, Derrida; Call us FIRST and tell us what you have!

We do Not buy: Text Books; No DVDs; limited interest in CDs; limited interest in Coffee Table Books; very selective in Art, Photography and Architecture, best to call us and discuss.

Visit us at Instagram and see photos of the store, art, and a spotlight on some special books and records: https://www.instagram.com/angelcitybooks/

Please note: We no longer offer online internet sales and shipping, items are for sale only here at the store.